Monday, December 27, 2010

Jesus and Status Updates

If somebody posted daily Facebook status updates or tweets or jingymabobs about how great Jesus was, I'd be a little uncomfortable and consider it sort of inappropriate. Your relationship with Jesus is personal. Indeed, Matthew 6:5-6 warns against public displays of religion, and I can think of no reason other than "being seen" to post "Jesus is awesome" on a regular basis in a public forum of mostly like-minded peers.

I don't see many (er, any, actually) people doing that, though. I've got friends who'll post topical, bible-backed, positive messages once in awhile, and I have no problem with that. You're using your experience to make an insightful comment about some bit of life, and that's what these forums are for.

No, what I do see are a few people who regularly post anti-religious messages, one who posts at least daily. These messages are insulting and almost exclusively negative. For example, "It's not healthy to have an imaginary friend" has nothing to do with anything except the problem you have with religion.

I'd say about half of my Facebook friends are religious, but the hate isn't coming from them. It's coming from you, the self-righteous atheist. I try not to take sides in this battle, but to the side annoying me the most at the moment, please don't let the irony escape you when I ask you to consider messages of tolerance instead of hate.