Friday, June 19, 2009


I had an itch for adventure this evening, so after work, I headed off in search of it. Truth be told, I've been planning this for a week, so it wasn't exactly spontaneous, but it was nonetheless as exciting as I could have wished.

I ended up taking the bus downtown since the area I work in is not quite authentic adventure -- it's where the tourists go. Once I was on foot in the middle of Kansas City, I hiked to a bar I've heard wonderful things about and stopped for dinner and a frothy beverage. After I ate, I took the bus out of town back to the office.

Behold, evidence of my trek:

Permanent evidence of a past dispute.

I couldn't capture the tallest buildings (i.e. the one I was standing under), but there were shorter ones to the west.

My bus. The fare was cheaper than parking would have been.

I have never taken the bus, nor have I eaten dinner at a beer bar. Heck, I haven't been downtown before, not like this. I've been to the city -- I work close enough to qualify -- but this was literally right in the middle of the center of the city proper.

The trip was, quite literally, sensational. Cars echoed against the buildings, which towered higher than I could properly capture with a cell phone camera. I saw a man across the street in a salon cutting somebody's hair, except the stylist had no shirt on and a cigarette hanging from his mouth, and it looked very much like he was actually destroying what would otherwise have been a perfectly sensible haircut. The city smelled, too, the subtle yet unmistakable sweet scent of garbage (likely from the can in that last picture there) mixed with car exhaust and old pavement.

If I never return, I will remember this trip for a good, long time. That said, I can't imagine staying away for long. The city lives on, and it calls me from the north.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blue Monkeys and Iced Tea

Redundant survey is redundant: