Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Moon Rising

After several years (and countless hours) of Buffy, I've chosen a favorite.

I cry like a sap every durned time.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Adventurin' Again

I took a lovely hike in the woods today. The lawyers went to Vegas, so the firm was closed, and I had a day completely to myself.

You must realize, I don't hike in the woods without a goal -- there's gotta be something to draw me out there, you see. Indeed, in just about every woods, there is! I picked up four caches today, and I found a bunch of travel bugs (nifty trackable dog tags). Along the way, I found a gigantic patch of poison ivy by wandering into the thick of it, saw a family of deer bounding off into the woods, and heard three or four dozen kids laughing wildly at a man performing on stage. A park ranger waved at me and smiled a big smile (he'd seen me zigzagging, and I have a feeling he knew what I was up to), and a spider tried to eat my nose.

This trip wasn't as wild as the last one (I fell into a creek and trekked in an untamed section of the park a couple weekends ago), but it was quite fulfilling. I totaled about 3.5 miles round trip, so I got a good bit of exercise out of the deal, too.

And, yes. The photos.

First, a collection of travel bugs from the first one I set out to find. A cache like this is called a hotel, seeing as it's a gathering spot for travel bugs. I'd never seen so many in one place. There were five bugs in this one.

I picked up the coin in the next image from a cache about 500 feet into a spot of not-so-dense woods. The deer trails made it pretty easy to get to, and the woods closed behind me pretty quickly, leaving me surrounded by trees. Couldn't be happier in a place like that, no sir. The coin, I'll drop in another cache. They're trackable via the geocaching web site, and the people who plant them intend for them to move from place to place.

The next photo features my caching gear (stick and pack) on the right, and the geocache on the left. The geocache pictured here is the very one in which I discovered the coin pictured above. In my pack, I carry a camera, a bottle of water, bug spray, a notebook, a few pens, small trading items (to leave in caches), the contents of my pants pockets, and a small towel (prompted by common sense, and much appreciated upon the aforementioned dip-in-a-creek incident).

Finally, a photograph of me, and the first, I believe, to be posted to the blog here. Anonymity be darned -- I like my caching hat.