Friday, August 29, 2008

An Earsore

I'm bloody tired of having a week's worth of political "news" screaming at me every time I turn on the radio (honestly, this is worse than the biannual fund drive), and I'm not looking forward to another, but it's caused me to actually think about what's going on. It's actually brought out a bit of... opinion!

If you asked me to synthesize a dream president, I'd tell you I want somebody who stands up for my freedom. Not my freedom from terrorists, mind -- my freedom to live my own life, make my own choices, and participate in my own community. I know quite well where I stand, politically, and I have for quite a long time.

Here's the dilemma: If I were a woman, I'd surely not like to be told I had to carry, birth, and care for a child that was forced upon me by a stranger in an unlit parking lot. Likewise, though, I sure as hell don't want to work for the state and pay for Trixie's seventeen kids' day care. Her "family" has six fathers, see, but none have manned up to do anything but make sexy time with a lady.

I'm expected to choose between a socialist party and a religious fundamentalist party ("Family values" is a euphemism, guys. Let's talk straight, here.) How did we get to this point? What happened to the Land of the Free?

When I retire, it'll be to a fancy little world in my head. For now, I can't wait till these political shenanigans are over and I no longer have to be reminded constantly about how who-and-so is screwing me from afar.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hidden Treasure

I've found me a new hobby. With a tiny GPS receiver, an interested person can find real adventure, even in your own neighborhood.

I've discovered Geocaching, a sort of high-tech treasure hunt. Since there are four "caches" hidden very nearby today, I took a bit of a walk this morning. I was so excited to find the first, I took photographs.

After about a half a mile's hike from home, I found myself in the middle of a patch of woods. Between the spider webs and the overgrown underbrush, I had a heck of a time getting close to the thing, but after a bit of rummaging around...

This guy was really well-hidden. I opened it up to find a bunch of goodies:

After I signed the log (the paper on my foot, there), I left a plectrum, closed the box, and hid it again for the next person to find.

It's odd, the popularity of these things, considering I had no idea this even existed until a few days ago. The last person to find this cache signed the log yesterday. There's a local meetup posted on the web site for next weekend (by coordinates, of course), and I'm actually considering going. What fun, that would be!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Life and a Bag of Cheese

Life has sort of interfered with my blogging recently... I'm not sure how you folks do it.

I've got a new job, a new(ish) apartment, and a significantly upgraded budget spreadsheet. Actually, the significant upgrade is only in the "savings" column, but still. I feel richer, and that's what counts.

I work downtown now. I fight rush hour traffic coming and going, and I'm within walking distance to several places for lunch. The view from our 8th floor office is incredible -- we're just south of the skyscrapers, looking north. My key card, in fact, grants me access to the top floor (any, actually) of one of those very buildings. The view from there, while I've seen it only once, is absolutely breathtaking. I'm important, too! I work with a small team, so my work really does make a big dent. That is, it'll count for a lot once I actually start working. There's so much to learn in a gigantic, well-established company. What I'm used to is quite different from a five-week, set-scheduled training course across multiple organizations and departments. Heck, part of my training is with incoming secretaries, learning to do their job, too.

I've only been on the job two days, but I can say with confidence I'm not overwhelmed yet. Yet.

In other news, I've discovered a few smaller, life-related things:

  • Eggplant is solid, tasty, inexpensive food, and it's not nearly as scary as I thought.
  • Not only does a person have to clean their living area, they have to clean their stuff, too.
  • If you account for savings as an actual expense in your budget, it's much easier not to spend all your money. Thanks to my ma to that one :-)
Good, goodnight.