Monday, May 26, 2008

A Real Job

*falls into his chair*

I got the holiday off work without even asking. Kinda makes this feel like a real job...

*wipes his brow*

What good is a day off, though, if all you're doing is working at home? This deep-cleaning BS is for the birds.

Come to think of it...


Still packing. Who knew that in three rooms, I had so much junk? I've filled so many bags with trash ("memories", actually -- I'm such a pack rat), I'm surprised I had room for all of it.

Speaking of, I've found a friend. Whoever said you can't buy friends had surely never been to the pet store. Meet Ratter:

I've been partial to rodents in the past (mice, particularly), but I figured I needed a more... interactive pal, seeing as I'm going to be alone pretty much always. She's not much bigger than a mouse at this point, but she's growing pretty quickly. In the photo, she's still cowering from "Where the hell am I?" syndrome, but she's since warmed up to a bit of play. If I pinch her behind, she'll jump and dart around and come back to nibble on my finger till I do it again. She still won't come up on my hand willingly (or out of her cage at all, so far), but we're working on her social skills :-)

My only worry is her sneeziness -- she's been sneezing since she came home, and it hasn't gotten much better, despite a change in bedding. The internet says respiratory disease is to be expected in rats, and while she sure doesn't act ill, I can't help but fear the worst. If it doesn't disappear in a week (the internet also says new rats usually go through a sneezy phase), I'll likely take her in for some fixin'.

Ah, fuzzy critters. I can't deny having a soft spot for them. If that makes me a sap, well. It makes me a happy sap, at least.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Urban Adventure

Been awhile since my last post. I've been busy -- I found an apartment, and now I'm packing up all my crap for storage or transport. Excited about that, truthfully. Like, whoa excited. I can't stop talking about it.

Even between the boxes, I had time for a small adventure this evening. I hadn't done this since I was a tot. I'm actually surprised at how well we did.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Odd Means

Look down at your keys. See the QWERTY and the UIOP? Some folks don't at all -- they see an AOEU and a HTNS. It's a lot rarer than I'd imagine, using something different from the QWERTY and JKL;. Seems the old standard has stuck around just due to the small bit of effort it takes to change.

Allow me to introduce a better way to type:

I'm truly surprised this isn't more commonly used -- let alone even heard of -- among typists and computer users. It's more efficient, more accurate, and downright easier to learn. It takes about two weeks to pick up to a decent typing speed (35-ish wpm), and a few more months to get up around 100wpm. After that, there's no upper limit. Apparently, the fastest typist in the world flies at over 200wpm using this layout.

Granted, it's a pretty big change. You'll limit your speed when you use somebody else's computer (I haven't retained the ability to touch-type very well at all on a QWERTY keyboard), but at least you can look at the keys and get by. The adjustment period is also pretty tough; it's like having a speaking disability, being unable to communicate fluently for a couple weeks. After you've adjusted, though, and if you still use QWERTY once or twice a week to keep it reasonably usable, you'll be much, much better off for it. You'll type more quickly, more accurately, and you'll move your fingers FAR less than you did with QWERTY. Whenever I type at a shared workstation, for example, I'm always amused at the hand gymnastics folks put themselves through just to communicate.

I've been using Dvorak for a couple years now. I'd never go back, not ever. I couldn't forfeit the fluid, efficient keystrokes and accuracy-by-default. Why would you trade a free Lexus for a $20k Honda? On the other hand, why would you pay $300/mo forever for a Honda when you could work for two weeks and have a free Lexus for life, hmm?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I am an ARTISTE!

Turns out iMovie, which I've been using to make videos for quite awhile now, actually has a bit more functionality built into it than the record-and-export I've been doing previously. It's pretty easy, too -- only takes a little more time to get everything lined up. Now, the possibilities are endless, since I'm actually recording the sound with Garage Band.

Wonder if there are any openings at Pixar... I'm a shoe-in, for sure!