Saturday, January 26, 2008


I've set out on a journey -- one that's turning out to be more painful than I expected. I haven't had any tobacco products for about four days now, and while the splitting chest pain has subsided for the most part (that was a little scary, actually, but now my ribs are just very tired from coughing), I've still got the knee jitters, a wholly frustrating "my brain is made of dust bunnies" sensation, overwhelming fatigue, a bit of recent dizziness, and a lovely, sandpapery throat. It's an odd progression of symptoms, by all accounts I find online, but I'm not dead from it yet.

Oddly, throughout this ordeal, I've only wanted to smoke a couple times; every time I think about it, I come back to a picture in my mind of a blackened, dying lung inside me and I'm completely turned off. There's been no "craving" at all -- just a good deal of discomfort that, although it seems to be slowly passing, is starting to get awfully old. Now, I mostly just want to sleep. Have no worries, body o' mine. Give it a couple hours, and you'll be dozing peacefully. Give it a week or so more, and perhaps the most intense misery will have faded to a memory.

Looking on the bright side of this, I've already saved enough money for a cheap bottle of booze (not much use, granted, as I've not been in the mood to drink much these last few days, either), and my heart rate is down from 100 at rest to 84 just a second ago. That's a sixteen-percent increase in life span right there, if we're limited by heartbeats :-)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Observations from Outside

I ought to preface this by making it quite clear I'm not planning to participate in our quadrennial popularity cont-- err... election process, nor am I qualified to comment on any of the popular "issues" like healthcare and immigration. No, the issues I'm concerned about are personal, and I can't expect a governing body to address my insatiable appetite for knowledge of truth or my tendency to worry about our elderly neighbor who doesn't get out much anymore.

I'll comment, instead, from my own perspective.

I get my news from the radio. I live on the internet, but I don't use it for current events. It's much easier to listen to a summary of what's important at the top of each hour than sift through hundreds of web pages containing what may or may not be important or relevant news bits. Likewise, I don't know what's being discussed on the tee vee, since I try to stay as far away from that infernal life-sapping device as I can. Therefore, all I know about our potential future leaders has come from NPR, with a small few tidbits from the BBC when they do their world news roundup.

I remember, awhile back, hearing the term "liberal media" strewn about, presumably coming from right-leaning pundits dissatisfied with coverage of their ridiculous opinions. "Boulderdash," I'd respond silently, pointing a fat, shaky finger at the likes of FOX and CNN. I listened to the radio then, too, but to me, it seemed pretty evenly biased.

Since then, either my memory of the radio's political coverage has been skewed by time, or they really have been taken over by a bunch of hippies. I've heard an awful lot about Clinton and Obama (they like Ron Paul, too), but despite primary elections taking place pretty evenly between the Democratic and Republican Parties, I honestly can't name two Republican candidates. Is Guliani actually running for president? And if I hadn't done my own research, I'd leave Ron Paul out of the Republican list.

Is coverage similarly weighted in different mediums? Am I practicing selective listening? Really, I want to know about our future president. Telling me about the long-shot "opposition party" (despite public opinion, chances of a Democratic president are quite slim, I think) isn't helping me any.


I was clicking around on Youtube the other night and stumbled across some John Denver tunes. I'd never actually identified John Denver by look or sound before, although almost all of his songs sounded familiar. I've since given him a good listen (by way of "It's About Time"), and I must say, dang. It's no wonder this guy was such an idol. I'm hooked.

As a (possibly tasteless?) sidenote, I couldn't help but make a connection between John Denver and what may very well be his tiny clone on the Brady Bunch:

Spitting image, no?

Monday, January 21, 2008

More Joy

Despite all appearances from this site, here, I still live. I've been distracted by life -- work and music eat a considerable amount of time, in addition to a new obsession with cleaning every open surface I can see. Perhaps it was time for a hiatus, anyway.

Regardless, I'm here now. Please enjoy some more musics. I highly recommend a heavy dose of alcohol or earplugs, though, as far as the actual singing goes.

Credit goes to James Marsters for this song, called "Smile." If you didn't already know it, he's got quite a voice.